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This trainingapplication is based on the article by Frank Ocasio on
The warning in the article is:'Understand that our entire weight is being held by your fingers and there is an enormous amount of stress being placed upon all muscles, tendons and so on. If you have been seriosly injured.. in the past, in your arm area, PLEASE proceed with caution. Note for beginners createing a stable base of power and endurance is a million times more important than specific training. Climb first and learn to how your body reacts to different stresses then if you decide to go on to specific training, use it only as supplement not a replacement. For medium to advance climbers, use these exercises only two-three times a week only as boast to enhance your performance. Do not carry on the same exercise for more than 3-4 weeks as your body will adjust to the stress and will soon require new and more difficult stresses. (...) It is important to stretch during the rest and drink a little water.'